Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't Take From The Needy...Stop The Abuse

I read Carrie Sanders post, Taking from the needy, and I absolutely agree with some of the points she made. First, it is without a doubt indisputable that many people use the government system when they are not actually in need of assistance. Articlebase’s, Kyle Krannebitter, hits the nail on the head by stating, “Recipients find new ways each year to prolong their dependency on the system.  It is not fair to hard working tax payers who are giving their well earned money to greedy, lazy Americans that are able to work, but do not choose to.” This abuse ruins many government officials, along with many American, views on welfare programs, and in turn brings about bills such as the Farm Bill Carrie described in her article.

As always, there are pros and cons to each and every case, which inevitably leads to groups of supporters and groups of opponents. However, I do agree with Carrie that there are a lot of people that are in dire need of assistance, which is why it is so unfathomable that our government would take such assistance away from those whom are in need. Like Carrie said we need stricter regulations to stop the abusers and help the needy. President Bill Clinton took such action on the national level during his presidency. Articlebase’s, Kyle Krannebitter, states, “Welfare programs have proven beneficial in helping people and families that are in need.  Because of the program's abuse, new state regulations were needed.  Statistics show that the reform program implemented by Bill Clinton back in 1996 is working.  It has succeeded in reducing the number of families and people on assistance.”

So, why not follow in the former presidents footsteps by implementing such regulations on a state level? We as a state need to figure out how to continue to help those in need, sadly most of which are the elderly and children, and cut off those who are abusing the welfare system. Austin American Statesman, Hank Perret, touched on the sad statistic by stating, “Last Wednesday, the Agriculture Committee of the House of Representatives voted to pass dramatic cuts to the Farm Bill. If it passes in Congress, the legislation will remove $16.5 billion from food and hunger relief programs that directly benefit children, seniors and families.” We cannot let such nonsense take place. Although there will always be law breakers, cheaters, and those who abuse privileges, it should not ruin the chances for those who follow the rules and truly need the assistance. 

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